A Pathfinder Adventure Path Campaign

To the south of the kingdom of Brevoy lie the Stolen Lands, a vast stretch of wilderness claimed by Brevoy, yet frequently contested by barbarians from Iobaria and Numeria, and bandits from the River Kingdoms to the south, which regard the land as rightfully a part of the River Kingdoms stolen by Brevoy.

The city of Restov, as a vassal of Brevoy and located just across the Shrike River from the Stolen Lands, has both a strong claim to the territory and the resources to make good on that claim, but the political climate has shifted. After all scions of House Rogarvia disappeared in the Vanishing several years ago, the Surtovas laid claim to the Dragonscale Throne, and even the rebellious Swordlords of Restov reluctantly swore fealty to the new king. In such a political climate, the Surtovas would surely view any attempt by the Swordlords to settle the Stolen Lands as a precursor to war, yet the bandits, barbarians, and monsters of the Stolen Lands prey upon trade along the Shrike.

Three months ago, Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius sent out a call for adventurers to lead expeditions into the Stolen Lands. Through careful wording of the charters granted, the Swordlords have effectively ceded control of the Stolen Lands to those who would establish new fiefs there, and youngest sons and daughters from all over Brevoy have flocked south to Restov to seek their fortune in these new realms. Yet something has gone terribly wrong with one of the expeditions.

Though most who answered the call for adventurers were of noble blood with no hopes to inherit their family holdings, it is rumoured that the last expedition consisted of a mere farm boy and a feyblood. The two apparently managed to deal with the scourge of banditry, as sailors along the Shrike report that bandit activity is now almost completely ended, yet neither adventurer has been seen or heard from in a month.

Now you are answering the call of Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius as he searches for new adventurers to complete the task left unfinished in the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands.