Rule Books

Campaign Sources fall into three categories – assumed sources are those books that I assume everyone has access to and can reference during the campaign; recommended sources are books that aren’t necessary, but that will likely contribute to further enjoyment of the campaign; restricted sources are books that I would like players to avoid referencing during the campaign, unless specifically given material from.

Assumed Sources

  • Pathfinder RPG Core Rules
  • Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures

Recommended Sources

  • Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic
  • Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat
  • Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment
  • Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign
  • Pathfinder Campaign Setting – Inner Sea World Guide
  • Pathfinder Campaign Setting – Chronicle of the Righteous
  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer
  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Humans of Golarion
  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths of Purity
  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths of Balance

Restricted Sources

  • Pathfinder Adventure Path #31-36 Kingmaker

Rule Books

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